Making Miracles Happen With Maritza Luna Moreno

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About Maritza Luna Moreno

Born and raised in Northern California, Maritza Luna Moreno, comes from a long line of ancient medicine woman wisdom, from shamans to curanderas.

Maritza Luna, has been working with the fairies and the element realm since she was a little girl, and her own medicine is deeply rooted & supported by Mother Earth & all her teachings. She connects deeply with her human-elemental students and those drawn to helping the Earth.

Although she began practicing at a very young age, Maritza Luna wasn't fully "out" as a healer until 2011, when a serious wake up call led her away from the corporate 9 to 5, into a deeper knowing it was time to share her gifts with the world. Now she is sharing her gift through the Fairy Oracle Medicine Cards, and the Medicine Moon healings.

She works from a wide knowledge base, including Shamanic teachings, Aka Dua, Reiki, Native ceremonies, & formal higher education, to fully support your awakening & healing.


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