Making Miracles Happen With Melissa Bacelar

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About Melissa Bacelar

"Melissa Bacelar is an accomplished Film Actress, (Starz Original Program, Hollywood Residental) who's worked with Val Kilmer, John Cho and many other celebrities. Her passion is being an Animal Advocate and Pet Psychic (Anderson Cooper and Nightline).  Now she is the proud owner of "The Wagmor '' pet hotel and WagmorPets a non-profit dog rescue. Her down to earth and kind nature is what makes WagmorPets so special. She is often asked how she made the transition from the cover of Men's Magazines to picking up dog poop and that is just part of her charm. Now she's an Instagram influencer with over 126K followers including dozens of A-list celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Ellen, Arianna Grande and more that share her passion and love for saving dogs. She lives her dream and saves 100's of dogs a month."


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