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About Dr. Harmony

Dr. Harmony is an alchemist of love creating universal heart oneness. She is a twin-flame ascension expert, transformational coach, intuitive energy healer and the creator of Awaken Your Soul Blueprint™ and ReProgram Your Childhood Wounds™ programs, along with ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint™ - a three-step coaching program that has helped 1000's of twin flames. starseeds and ligthworkers around the globe face fears, find freedom and GLOW forward on fire. She also facilitates her Awaken Your Lover Within ™ - VIP and Group Retreats designed to de-armor your body, mind, heart, and soul with the use of tantric techniques. 

Her background is in holistic wellness that includes chiropractic and vibrational medicine as well as intuitive energy healing. She is the author of, Twin Flame Code Breaker, where she reveals her real-life Da Vinci Code story, providing greater awareness for other twin flames around the globe, as they awaken to their identity by the masses, for the purpose of creating a self-LOVE rEVOLution.

It is her mission to share her wisdom and assist others in discovering their soul’s purpose, as they transform from the “dark night of the soul” through the Ascension process connecting to one’s higher self.


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