Making Miracles Happen With Nigel B. Patterson

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About Nigel B. Patterson

Nigel B. Patterson calls upon ancient wisdom teachings and traditions to inspire, lead, motivate and
support clients to break free of their limiting beliefs. His work allows them to find FREEDOM and INNER
PEACE by reclaiming their innate Power. Nigel is a firm believer that world peace starts with the
individual and is available to everyone who is serious about a better future for themselves, their children
and their planet.

When consulting with clients and audience members, Nigel uses his groundbreaking Path to Freedom
Model from his book, Your RETURN to FREEDOM: A Practical Guide to Finding Lasting Inner Peace.
His clients are led on a journey to finding freedom—from living a life of meaningless conformance to a
life of purpose and liberation. With this new-found freedom they truly can embrace love, happiness and

Nigel believes FREEDOM is everyone’s birthright, easily accessible to all. His unique style makes his
clients’ journey of self-discovery both fun and highly rewarding.


  1. Meredith

    this was an incredible interview! Loving these, never want them to end!

    • Nigel B. Patterson

      Thank you Meredith. So glad it resonated with you. I too love giving these interviews and would be very happy to do more. Please pass on my info to anyone you feel may benefit, or who would like to interview me. Aloha from beautiful Hawaii.


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