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About Adam Bauer

Adam Bauer travels the globe (and now, Zoom!) sharing the heart-expanding beauty of sacred chant, healing touch, the I Ching, and transformational conversation. In person and online, Adam enchants and inspires listeners with his deep, soulful presence wherever he goes. Adam found the spiritual path as a teenager, and was later blessed to spend years playing bass both with sacred chant pioneer Krishna Das and Bhakti Yoga legend Shyamdas, nourishing his love of sacred sound and the yoga of devotion. His critically-acclaimed albums Shyam Lila (2014) and Wonderville (2017) were released on Mantralogy Records. His new album Return to the Sacred was released October 2, 2020. Adam sings and offers workshops, programs and healing sessions worldwide and online.


  1. Carherine Steele

    Adam, I was so touched by your interview with Adriene Blackwell. I was teary throughout – with the wonder and grace that you brought through to us all. Thank you. 🥰

    • Catherine Steele

      Oops, my name is Catherine LOL … not Cartherine as written in my last comment. 😊


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