Jennifer Kupcho

Jennifer Kupcho is a Spiritual Mindset Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Angel Channeler and Teacher. She coaches women and creates self-study programs with a spiritual foundation based on the teachings from A Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson, Brene Brown, Gabrielle Bernstein and Deepak Chopra.  Jennifer supports women in recognizing and releasing limiting belief systems which keep them from living a life of abundance, love and happiness. She has a passion for running women's retreats where she incorporates mediation, feminine divine connection and  journal writing, as well as giving Shamanic Munaki Rites to the collective of women. Jennifer has created An Angel for All Seasons oracle cards, as well as her second deck: Evolve. Emerge. Expand. Returning to your Authentic Self. Both sets of divination cards are filled with gentle but powerful messages for transformation.  


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