Making Miracles Happen With Adrien Blackwell & Cynthia Harrison Host

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Christmas Gift from Cynthia: Receive a Video and PDF of the "Internal Chanel Process," to assist your practice.

Christmas Gift from Adrien: Ascension Code recordings to help you heal beyond your blocks!

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The Blue Flame, Ascension Code, Healing Attracts Money & Peace

About Adrien Blackwell & Cynthia Harrison Host

Cynthia Harrison: The Evocateur of Soul, who Midwifes The Moments- Birthing New Realities! Cynthia is a Mystic Medicine Woman, Author, Social Scientist, Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, and Ascension Specialist. With degrees in socio-cultural and medical anthropology, social work, and visual (Visionary) arts, Cynthia’s specialty is human behaviour: She focuses on the evolution of the human, Creative rEvolution utilising Energy (Biofield Medicine) and the Healing Arts for Transformation. Awakening You to Re-Membering The Self Through Navigating Your Dimensions. Physically, Spiritually and Energetically – offering a complete mind, body, spirit experience.  

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  1. Dorothy

    Adrien, the gifts you’ve provided lead to the same youtube when clicked.


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