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About Karen Kenney

Karen Kenney is a spiritual teacher, writer, speaker, and host of The Karen Kenney Show Podcast. She's the founder of Fearless Flow™ Mentoring & The Nest spiritual membership. She’s a certified Spiritual Mentor, a student & guide of A Course in Miracles for 28+ years, a yoga teacher for over 20 years and is a longtime practitioner of Passage Meditation. She’s also a teacher & facilitator of the Gateless Writing Method and is currently working on a memoir. KK grew up in Lawrence & Boston, MA and is known for her storytelling, her sense of humor, her love of the Divine and her “down-to-earth” approach to Spirituality. Her signature programs, retreats, membership & workshops, all utilize her transformational process called: Your Story to Your Glory™ - which helps people to let go of their old stories of victimization & suffering, so they can choose Love over fear, find meaning & purpose in their life, deepen their connection to Self, Source & Spirit and live a new kick-ass story from a place of power, forgiveness and freedom!


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